12 Best Kids' Sleeping Bags in 2021: Boys & Girls Sleeping Bags

2021-12-24 10:08:30 By : Ms. Nancy Li

Kids sleeping bags are integral for an away-from-home adventure, making them a kid gear essential. Sleepovers with friends are practically a rite of passage, then of course, there’s always the overnight stays at Grandma’s house. When it comes to camping with kids, it can be fun, but it can also challenging beyond just dealing with …  [gestures generally at everything outside]. On the one hand, there’s nature hiking and eating s’mores, but on the other, there are kids complaining about being too cold and thus not being able to sleep …which ultimately means you get no sleep, either. A good youth sleeping bag can be a lifesaver by keeping them cozy and quiet throughout the night, whether they’re spending it on the living room floor or under the stars.

Most youth sleeping bags are shorter than adult ones to keep smaller bodies warmer. You can also choose different shapes (rectangular, mummy, or something different altogether), depending on how much room they want to have and different temperature ratings based on what weather you’re expecting to be in. Some of the indoor sleep sacks that come with pillows can even double as nap mats. So whether your kiddo is camping outdoors or in your backyard, or just having a slumber party with a friend, below are some of the best sleeping bags for kids. And BTW … you’ll want to keep these kids riddles and kid-friendly jokes in your back pocket to keep everyone entertained around the coffee table or campfire!

This Coleman sleeping bag will have your kids staying warm and comfy in temperatures as low as 45 degrees. It has a soft lining, an interior pocket to hold a flashlight or other small valuables, and can accommodate kids who are up to 5’5” tall. The zipper is designed to prevent snagging, and there’s a quick cord to help with rolling it back up, a time saver for both kids and parents. Consider this pick for overnight camp or Scouts trips.

One reviewer said, “My 4 yo absolutely loves this sleeping bag! It is very very sturdy and well made. We purchased this for a family camping trip and my 4 yo has been using it every night for almost a month in his bed! I would repurchase this again in a heartbeat. I have washed and dried this several times at home now and it’s held up really well.“

For milder temperatures inside or outside, this sleeping bag can be used in 50-68 degree temperatures. It has a water-resistant exterior that can be wiped clean and a polyester/cotton interior and comes in 19 different colors. The separated zipper at the bottom is great for anyone who likes to stick their feet out in the middle of the night, and on the flip side, there’s a drawstring hood to provide additional warmth for your head if needed. It measures 86.6” x 29.5” but packs up into an included compression bag for easy storage.

Says one reviewer, “We purchased 2 for me and my daughter to camp with. They are perfect! Lightweight, easy to carry, and very comfortable. Drawstring allows you to tighten hood and keep your head nice and warm. Wipes clean easily. My 6-year-old and I are small but I could see it being a tight fit for someone with a larger frame. Plenty of length though.”

If you’re expecting temperatures to drop down to 20 degrees, grab this Teton sleeping bag for your kids. It has a durable taffeta shell and soft poly flannel lining, as well as a curved hood for additional comfort. It measures 66” x 26” and can be stuffed inside the included drawstring sack. There’s an interior pocket where kids can stash small toys or other things, and it comes in three different colors.

One reviewer said, “We have 1 Teton Junior sleeping bag of each color for our kids. We camp a lot & these have been great for our kids. All of our kids are in between toddler & adult sizes: these pack easily, aren’t too bulky, keep the kids warm, and are the perfect size for young kids!”

This mummy-style sleeping bag will wrap kids in warmth if temperatures drop down to 30 degrees. It has a quilt-through construction and a drawstring hood for warmth, and it comes in green or purple. There’s also a stuff sack to store the sleeping bag in (or it can double as a pillow if you put some soft clothes inside).

One reviewer says, “I bought a pair of these sleeping bags for our 8-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. I’ve been looking for kids mummy bags and seen some other products. Some made for fun or labeled as a toy, none made with the quality my children deserve. Wenzel Backyard Mummy Sleeping Bag’s checked all of the boxes: 1. came in boys and girls colors (purple and green) 2. kid size (66 x 26 inches) 3. packed small (14 x 10 inches) 4. a solid temp rating (30 Degrees F / -1 Degrees C). My kids slept soundly through the night which meant I slept soundly through the night.”

Insulated and double-layered, the Kelty Insulated Sleeping Bag will make for a great camping companion for your kids. It comes with a stuff sack and weighs only 2 lbs, 15 oz. It has a draft collar and is recommended for kids 4-12 years old. The sleeping bag is five feet in length, though the foot box expands to give it an extra 12 inches so your kid has room to grow.

One reviewer called it “an excellent sleeping bag at a fair price,” saying, “It is spacious, warm and well built. I bought it for my son right before his 3rd birthday, he will be able to use it for many years. The compartment on the bottom that extends to make it longer is such a great idea and really helps maximize the total use of the sleeping bag. I would recommend it to anyone. My 5 yr old daughter has the mauve-colored one with the same pattern/embellishments.”

Even if your kid is sleeping in the living room or backyard, give them a taste of the Great Outdoors with this moose print sleeping bag. It can handle temperatures down to 40 degrees and has quilt-through construction for warmth but is also made with a breathable fabric. The sleeping bag measures 66”x 26” but can be unzipped fully to double as a blanket. There’s a two-way zipper and it comes with a handy stuff sack with a drawstring strap.

One reviewer said, “My son and daughter both asked for sleeping bags for Christmas, ages 7 and 3. After lots and lots of searching I found that these ones were by far the best for my money. They are very good quality. The material feels great and is very soft. The moose print is also adorable. I love that these sleepings bags work for both indoor and outdoor use. Overall I would highly recommend these sleeping bags above any other.”

This Coleman sleeping bag can withstand temperatures down to 30 degrees and is recommended for kids ages 6 years old and up (it measures 66” x 26”). It has an adjustable mummy-style hood, a small interior pocket, and easy-to-pull zippers. It also comes with a stuff sack and is machine washable.

One reviewer said, “I recently purchased 2 of these sleeping bags to do some car camping with my kids. Both my 5 year old and 2.5 year old live these. We camped on a cooler night and by a river and temps dropped into the mid-upper 30’s. Both little ones stayed warm all night. I packed extra blankets just in case but no one needed the. These are a pretty good size and both kids have plenty of room to grow.”

Whether your little one likes cars, dinosaurs, animals, or space, there’s a sleeping bag pattern for them. This soft sleep sack is made with a cotton/polyester blend (so probably best for indoor use) and is machine-washable. It measures 57 x 30 x 1.5 inches, appropriate for kids ages 3-10 years old, and comes with a drawstring storage bag.

One reviewer says, “Good quality and cozy. My 3-year-old loves this sleeping bag. I don’t put it through the dryer (as other reviewers have advised not to) but other than that, it’s perfect. The colors and design are exactly as shown and the length is great for him to grow into.”

What’s more fun than sleeping in a giant jacket? This sleeping bag can accommodate kids 2-4 years old (there’s a Little Mo version for 6-24 month olds, as well) and has a puffy, down-like synthetic fiber for insulation. It’s versatile enough for sleeping at night or keeping a little body extra warm during the day. The sleeves have cuffs that can be open or closed, allowing kids to have use of their hands, and the footbox is enclosed so they can keep the heat in (and not wiggle out). The zipper opens from top to bottom or bottom to top, and the bag is machine-washable.

Says one reviewer, “Love, love, love this sleeping bag. We are avid campers and backpackers and this is the best invention for ensuring our little ones enjoy it as well! Before this bag we had some rough nights. I’ve had to bundle our 2 y/o in so many layers and hope he has enough warmth, only for him to wake crying because he’s too cold. But this bag keeps him the perfect temp and he slept all night, every night, for our 3 night trip! So incredibly happy with this purchase!”

This adorable unicorn sleeping bag is great for indoor naps and also packs up into a stuffed animal that your kid can play with during the day. It’s made with a super soft material, has a pillow built-in, and is machine-washable. It measures 54″ x 20″, and there is also a larger size that measures 66″ x 30.” There’s a zipper closure, and it comes in a variety of other animals, such as a shark, dragon, and dog. One reviewer said, “My daughter loves her Happy Napper! Very soft.”

This microfiber nap mat will keep your little one snoozing through through the afternoon. It has a built-in, removable pillow, and it rolls up with straps and a carrying handle so you can tote it around or out of the house. There are no zippers and it measures 50″ x 20″ x 1.5″. In addition to the dinosaur print, it’s available in six different patterns including mermaids, horses, and trains, planes, and trucks.

One reviewer said, “My just turned 4YO loves this. Has been through weekly washings so far (x6) and held up well… so far. Soft and comfortable, the added built-in pillow is a nice feature. Rolls up very easily and stays closed, good design. Perfect for my boy’s naps at his preschool.”

For kids ages 2-6, this nap mat will feel like they’re sleeping in the soft, plush blanket on their bed. The attached comforter is made of soft microfiber and has no zipper so your kids will have plenty of room to move around. The pillow is removable and the sleeping bag rolls up and has a carrying strap. There’s also a name tag window so they can easily identify which mat is theirs for nap time. It measures 20″ x 50″, is machine washable, and comes in 15 different patterns.

One reviewer said, “Really pleased with this napping bag! Super soft cotton material, no polyester feel. Washed and dried like a dream and all padding stayed intact, no lumping up. Has just enough cushioning for my 3 year old grandson without being bulky. Very light and he loves carrying it. The top cover flap is a bit wider than the bottom of the bag so he stays covered even when he turns over. Very well made. Pleasant surprise for such a reasonable price.”

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