6 Sustainable Products for Infants & Kids

2021-12-24 10:19:11 By : Ms. Emma Yin

If you are a parent grandparent of a young child or infant, you may be troubled by the amount of toys, clothes, diapers and other necessities you dispose of as the child grows. As most of these items end up in the landfills, it may be time to consider a better approach. 

With the growing amount of sustainable options, you no longer have to choose between convenience and conservation. If you’re looking for sustainable options for your child and your daily routines, consider these products.

As any parent can attest, the amount of diapers needed to take care of your child is great. Plant-based diapers provide a sustainable alternative , creating better options for both the child and the planet. The eco-friendly material reduces diaper rashes for a happier baby and parent. When the diapers are used and ready to be discarded, you simply ship them back to the manufacturer so they can be properly composted — meaning zero guilt. 

Who doesn’t get a snackish craving from time to time? With reusable snack bags, you can stash your snacks and your child’s without worrying about adding to waste. While you can purchase reusable bags made from silicone , you can also opt for stainless steel containers to accomplish the same purpose. Instead of using and disposing of a snack bag (or two) a day, you can vastly reduce waste by rethinking your snack containers. 

Most adults spend seven or eight hours a day sleeping. Children can spend significantly more than this as they’re developing. Consider investing in eco-friendly and non-toxic sheets made from material such as organic cotton, bamboo or linen for a more sustainable and safe option. Many options are also hypoallergenic , for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Paper and plastic plates can step aside for eco-friendly dinnerware. Plant-based plates and bowls can be made from Bamboo, recycled porcelain, sand or clay. They offer a sustainable and stylish option for lunch and dinnertime, and are entirely non-toxic, free of dyes and chemicals. Redeem mealtimes with these sustainable items. 

Don’t forget about playtime. There are many sustainable toy options available to meet your child’s playful and curious side. Toys made from rubberwood trees, recycled plastics and clays create a recyclable alternative without minimizing the fun. You can even consider purchasing subscription boxes of sustainably made toys and experiments for added convenience and continual fun. 

It is important to also remember craft supplies for those artistic moments. Crayons made of beeswax as well as non-toxic paints and pens support safe and beautiful art projects. As your child will eventually grow out of their toys, it’s even more important to shop sustainably. 

Find fashionable and eco-friendly clothing for your child, made from organic cotton or Bamboo fibers and skip clothes made from chemical dyes. There are even some brands that make clothes that are designed to expand as the child grows for a cost-friendly option. Keep your child cute and cozy with sustainable fashion. 

Whether you shop sustainably to protect the planet or to protect your child from harsh chemicals and plastics, there are many products that can enhance your everyday life. With so many options available, there’s no reason not to choose the sustainable solution.

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