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2021-12-24 10:17:42 By : Ms. Sophie Sun

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Camping and caravan holidays have once again seen a surge in popularity amid another summer of international travel restrictions. With soaring temperatures expected across the country in the coming weeks, many Britons may be looking to switch their typical foreign jaunt into something closer to home.

Yet from first-time campers to seasoned veterans, it seems there are some "common mistakes" holidaymakers often make which could have a major impact on the quality of a camping trip.

David Scotland, who owns family-run camping equipment retailer Outdoor World Direct, explained that one in particular often ruins a good night's sleep.

When it comes to sleeping bags, holidaymakers may think it's as simple as purchasing one, packing up and setting off.

However, according to Mr Scotland, there is some language used on the tag of sleeping bags that actually has a significant meaning.

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“Sleeping bags have comfort and season ratings," explained Mr Scotland.

"While this may seem like jargon to new campers, it’s actually really important information.

"A one-season sleeping bag will only be suitable for warm summer nights, whereas a three-four season sleeping bag is thicker and better suited to year-round camping but could be too thick for hot summer nights."

He continued: "Each sleeping bag has a comfort rating or suggested usage which will include two temperatures such as -2 to 18c.

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"That means checking that the forecasted temperatures of your trip don’t fall outside of those temperatures.”

Checking the temperature is also important when it comes to deciding what essentials to take along for the journey, according to Mr Scotland.

“You’d be surprised how many people go camping without checking the weather forecast for their trip just before they go," he said.

"I have several customers who failed to realise a Severe Weather Warning was in place last August, with 70mph winds damaging their tent and equipment.

“If heavy rain is forecast you need to make sure your tent and clothing is going to handle the conditions.”

Tents all have a waterproof rating described as "hydrostatic head" which is measured in millimetres — the higher the number, the more rain it can withstand.

Mr Scotland recommends opting for a tent with a waterproof rating of at least 3000mm for typical British weather. Better metrics will ensure the tent stays dry in heavy downpours.

David also suggests "using common sense" in extreme weather.

"Sometimes we need to admit defeat when it comes to mother nature," he said.

"If gale-force winds are forecast, I highly recommend reconsidering your plans as conditions can be unsafe."

Luckily for Britons planning a getaway in the next week, this is not likely to be the case.

According to the Met Office, bright, sunny spells and warm temperatures are expected from North to South.

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