Prepare for your next hiking or camping trip with these Black Friday deals

2021-12-24 10:18:25 By : Ms. Jenny Ning

Whether you’re a professional outdoor explorer, or you like to get out to the bush maybe once every year, there are a few pieces of equipment you’ll need when camping or hiking.

As we enter this year’s massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales there are a few great deals to be had. So if you’ve been meaning to replace that tent you’ve had for years, that torch that’s not quite bright as it used to be, or need a new travel water bottle, now’s the time to stock up.

Here are the best Black Friday 2021 deals for camping and hiking equipment for your next big outdoor adventure.

When it comes to camping gear, you can’t go past a good torch. It’s an essential piece of gear that no camper should be without. Olight’s range of torches and lighting equipment are reliable as they are sturdy, making them a great addition to your camping kit or after dark hikes. They also use LEDs, which are significantly brighter than standard globes while also using less battery power.

You can check out a few of Olight’s Black Friday deals below:

These deals won’t go live until 10pm (AEDT) on November 25, but you’re able to bookmark the pages now. Olight is also offering free bonus gifts with certain purchase amounts, which range from a whistle to a Warrior X Turbo torch.

Shop Olight’s Black Friday deals here.

Want to keep track of your heart rate or blood oxygen levels while out on a hike? Garmin’s range of smartwatches will let you keep track of your performance on the go, with select watches also offering a GPS feature, a barometric altimeter and/or a three-axis compass. So you can keep track of how you’re doing and where you’re going while out hiking or camping.

Here are a few highlight deals for Garmin’s watches:

Shop Garmin’s Black Friday deals here.

Do you need a new tent or sleeping bag? Or maybe you’re after an emergency poncho or mosquito net? No matter the elements or environment you’ll be hiking into, Coleman most likely has a solution.

During Black Friday, you can save up to 54% off a range of Coleman camping equipment, so you can finally replace that musty tent that’s been kept in your garage for a few years now or that inflatable airbed that deflates quicker and quicker every year.

Shop Coleman’s Black Friday deals here.

If you’re an all year round camper, you’ll know how important a good jacket or beanie can be in the colder months. The North Face is one of the most recognisable outdoor clothing brands around, and for good reason. These products are built to withstand the elements.

Most of these North Face products are also good to wear year-round, so even if you don’t do much camping or outdoor exploring, you can still make use of these jackets and vests in your day-to-day life.

You can also grab a deal on a pair of The North Face’s Hedgehog boots, which will serve you well if you’re also a big hiker.

Shop The North Face’s Black Friday deals here.

A good water bottle will last you for many camping trips and hikes, and CamelBak’s range are some of the sturdiest around. CamelBak is also known for its range of hydration packs, which are backpacks tequipped with an internal bladder to store water, so you can easily drink while on the go.

You can check out the CamelBak Black Friday deals here:

Shop CamelBak’s Black Friday deals here.

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a warm meal. Jetboil’s camping stoves are lightweight and portable, allowing you to cook up a hot dinner or breakfast while out in the bush, without having to lug around a larger and heavier piece of equipment.

Here are a few of Jetboil’s portable stoves that you can pick up on sale during Black Friday:

Shop Jetboil’s Black Friday deals here.

If you’re looking to spend some more time in the great outdoors in 2022 but don’t have the proper gear on hand, Naturehike’s Black Friday deals will let you pick up some camping essentials for cheaper.

During Black Friday, you can save 15% off Nautrehike’s portable two-person camping tent, 15% off its three-season sleeping bag and 15% off an ultralight folding camping chair. This gear will keep you covered and warm during the nights, and give you somewhere nice to sit around your campsite too.

Shop Naturehike’s Black Friday deals here.

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