2 Seconds Tent opens with a ripcord, breaks down at push of a button

2021-12-24 10:12:34 By : Ms. Maggie Zhang

French sporting good giant Decathlon has offered one of the world's fastest-pitching tents for going on two decades. The 2 Seconds pop-up tent lives up to its name by all but pitching itself. Going even faster and simpler, Decathlon now streamlines the 2 Seconds into the new 2 Seconds Easy. That's right, a tent that's even easier than the self-pitching 2 Seconds. The Easy's pull-cord/push-button setup and breakdown take it from car to camp and back with less work than ever.

Sold through Decathlon's hiking and camping brand Quechua, the 2 Seconds Tent launched in 2005. The "2 seconds" is something of an exaggeration, but as you can see in Quechua's setup video below, the disc-shaped package pitches far more quickly than the average tent and its pile of fabric and bungee-corded poles thanks to an integrated frame that pops into shape after the user opens a few clips and straps.

The new 2 Seconds Easy Tent eliminates the individual clips and straps in favor of an integrated frame that pops to life at the pull of two cords. Setup is easier, but the real advantage comes during breakdown. Rather than having to roll the door fabric out of the way and individually fold the tent and secure multiple clips, the 2 Seconds Easy owner merely presses two buttons to collapse the tent, folds it up and stuffs it into the carry sack. If our experience with other tents is any indication, that last step of packing it small enough to fit into the sack will be where the clock runs longer than advertised, but if that's the case, owners can always use a larger carry bag to make that part as easy as the rest.

At camp, the 2 Seconds Easy has been fully reshaped and redesigned as compared to the original 2 Seconds. It includes an integrated fly that can be opened at the sides to improve ventilation inside, and a blackout fabric for keeping the interior dark and cool. Both occupants of the two-person tent have a dedicated door for easier entry and exit.

The 2 Seconds Easy is built to hold up to wind speeds of 30 mph (50 km/h). It weighs 10.8 lb (4.7 kg) and packs down to 23 x 8 x 8 in (58 x 20 x 20 cm). When pitched, the ceiling rises to 43 in (110 cm).

Decathlon USA put the 2 Seconds Easy Tent up for preorder this month for US$199. Deliveries will begin in mid August.

The minute-long video below shows the 2 Seconds Easy setting up, breaking down and camping out.